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Our cry and passion at TFC Prophetic has been to create an innovative culture where people are called, trained and equipped to walk in their prophetic destinies in a safe, relational environment.  TFC Prophetic offers dynamic training modules designed to expand the student’s understanding of a Biblical, healthy, stable and effective New Testament prophetic lifestyle. TFC Prophetic provides each student a variety of opportunities to grow by combining Spirit-led coursework, practical hands-on training with a team, and lively activation of everything learned.

As prophetic people, it is our prayer that God would grant us insight to see beyond the outward appearance of people’s lives and speak to the true identity within them.  We are pursuing grace to TRULY love one another, and to establish a scenario for calling every person up to their full potential as mature sons and daughters of God, EXPLORING their truest identity.  

TFC Prophetic transforms people’s lives by calling out and developing the greatness inside of them.  




There is no greater quest than to walk with God, learn to hear His voice and discover the full purpose He created you to walk in.  In this module of foundational classes, you’ll establish deep roots in :

  • The variety of ways you receive revelation from Holy Spirit

  • How to communicate that revelation and speak life to others

  • Your truest identity as designed and seen by God, unique to you.



Having established a strong foundation in the Discovery classes, you will begin a journey of sharpening the gifts that have been entrusted to you.  You have unlimited potential – these classes are designed to empower, develop and strengthen that potential as you grow in character and maturity.  In this module of equipping classes, you will:



  • Explore how God speaks through dreams and dream symbol interpretation

  • Practice delivery of prophetic revelation in a ministry setting

  • Identify the strengths, weaknesses and types of prophets throughout Scripture for personal evaluation.

  • Increase your depth of revelation and expand your sphere of influence into areas outside the local church.



You have been through intense training, character development and relationship upgrades. Here is where it all comes together and you change every environment you walk into.  You are more powerful than you know! You release heaven on earth! You change people and you change history!

In these weekly/monthly ministry settings, you will:

  • Meet regularly with a like-minded prophetic company of believers

  • Minister prophetically to individuals and groups

  • Interpret dreams and unlock messages given to individuals

  • Create, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, art that imparts the presence of God.

  • Reach individuals or groups in real time with the message of God’s love and purpose.




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