Starry Sky


One-third of Biblical communication from God to man came in night-time dreams.  God uses dreams to draw His people closer to His plans and to His heart.  However, dreams are often symbolic and parabolic leaving us to question their meaning.  It is imperative we learn to unlock the meaning of our dreams through a Hebraic interpretation method. In this class your relationship with God and hearing His voice will explode as you learn to decode your dreams.


This class is recommended for trained prophetic team members. This class will accelerate how you hear or encounter God’s voice, translate what you receive into effective delivery, execution of protocol for ministry, the security found in team rules and dynamics for public ministry. Accuracy and skills will be measurable with personal feedback and coaching to strengthen and insure a successful prophetic minister.

Bridge into the Woods
Professional Growth


In this advanced training, you will grow in prophetic maturity and character by examining prophets throughout the Bible, Students will learn to recognize and identify different types of prophets along with their strengths and weaknesses. Each student will be encouraged to evaluate themselves to discern their own prophetic type and any areas in their own life that require strengthening or healing.  Students will also grow to discern the difference between soulish, demonic and divine revelation while cultivating the Mind of Christ in prophetic ministry.


This advanced training introduces the serious prophet to the expanded impact of the prophetic gift in every arena of life.  Emphasis on wisdom, timing and audience will require specific revelation for the prophetic student. Activations will be measurable and intentionally focused on launching prophetic people to the marketplace, education, arts, government, the church macro, and families expanding the Kingdom of God with credibility and maturity.


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