Granite Tile


Each month, our prophetic teams prophesy to hundreds of believers in the local Body of Christ and other various events as opportunities arise.  Lives are radically touched, changed and inspired as we prophesy (speak life) and unlock destinies.

Mountains in Clouds


Once a month, trained team members help people unlock the meaning of their nighttime dreams, thus compelling them to experience the love of God in a very personal way.

Color Stain


Twice a month, these budding artists meet to explore and create God’s voice through the arts. They take advantage of opportunities to encourage others with God-inspired art in various venues, shows and competitions.

Autumn Woods


Twice a month, join our teams as we reach outside the church walls into various settings to “Speak Life” to those who may never attend a church. We will intentionally interact with individuals in settings outside the church walls with God’s love and purpose for their life.

Women Holding Hands


Prophetic people need community with like-minded believers to grow, nurture and mature into a prophetic lifestyle. This is just that group. U-Nite is a culture in the church where people are supported to walk in their prophetic destiny.  It takes a prophetic people to see one another by the Spirit not by the flesh – and to live life exploring the mysteries of the Kingdom together. As a tribe, we learn to worship, become healthy in relationships and explore the supernatural lifestyle – pushing the envelope to better reflect New Testament revelation for Prophetic Community while serving our local body. U-Nite provides opportunity to explore ways to advance the Kingdom in a R&D environment. We celebrate the experimental research and discovery process that empowers revelation.  At the same time, individual character and a relationship with God are areas in which we strive for Biblical accuracy. We balance risk taking and excellence in all areas of life – in character development, in relationships and in pursuit of prophetic revelation.

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